I provide video services for business, education and art, and audio-visual support for live events, including filming, sound recording, audio and video editing, vision mix and streaming.

My professional portfolio includes production of multimedia content such as interviews, presentations and tutorials, filming conferences, seminars, discussion panels, theatre and dance shows, as well as creation of moving images and graphics for art performance.

Some of art and community projects I am currently involved in are:

MUE is a dance company. I contribute in shaping the look of the group’s performances, blending lights and visuals together with Macarena Ortuzar’s expressive dance and Bruno Guastalla’s magical sounds.

I am a co-manager of Digital Creatives Oxford. The group focuses on networking and exchanging skills in the fields such as video production, web, design and photography. The meetings are organised on a monthly basis and usually hosted by Film Oxford.

The site shows mainly content related to my art collaborations. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to see more examples of my corporate works.

Filmmaker Digital Artist